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Re: Les Gluetones

Here's what I know about Les Gluetones.  anyone else can feel free to
expand on it.

It started off as just a two piece; Paul Hogan singing and playing 
accoustic guitar, and Meg McCallum singing backing vocals.  They have a
song called "29" on the Cod Can't Hear complation in july 1992.  

Just because I was really impressed when I found this out, I'll mention
that Paul Hogan is from Winnipeg or somewhere, and used to be with the
Crash Test Dummies before they became famous.  Then he moved here to
work at Wormwoods (i think?) and do a radio show on CKDU.  Anyways...
Eventually Lucas Pearse joined them and played bass.  A couple other
people who I don't know the names of offhand joined the band to play
drums and keyboards.

	They released the Gluetone's e.p. sometime around Sept. 1992. 
It's very excellent.  I like it.  Except when it gets played at Cafe Ole.

	Around November of that very same year, they decided to change
their name to Les Gluetones, to attract a wider francophone audience.
I don't know if it worked.

	In Spring of 1993 they recorded a then un-named 7" for Cinnamon
Toast.  Originally it was supposed to be on all white vinyl, like 
Elmer's glue.  But they decided that the overall appearance would be
enhanced by the addition of purple polka dots.  Apparently someone at
the record making factory place fucked up, resulting in a mauve with
green swirls record.  hence the name "Ugly 45".

	Les Gluetones broke up right after the record release party at
the Deuce, because Paul got a job in Ottawa, and Meg went to school
at Ryerson in TO.  Lucas did a couple very short stints with Al Tuck
and then with a couple of guys from Black Pool early last fall, and now
he does something at CKDU.

	I was under the age of 19 during the entire existance of the band.
I never got to see them live.  It till depresses me sometimes.  Did anyone
here ever see perform?

Anyways, that's the full extent of my knowledge on the subject.  I probably
bored everyone to tears again with my blah writing skills.