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double deuce wrap-up


those of you who missed it, missed a really good time.
sebastian lippa did an opening five-song acoustic set.
then the superfriendz played.  they played several 
songs and were as good as i've ever seen them.

plum tree were better than ever.  they are *really*
fun to watch.  i can't believe those amazing guitar
solos.  and at the end of their set they turned up
the amps and belted out joan jett "i love rock'n'roll".
a classic moment.

but the story of the night were strawberry.  they
rocked out!  it was *amazing*...  no more dragged-out
folk -- the extra percussionist strapped on a bass,
the bassist strapped on a guitar, and they did almost
all up-beat versions of their songs.  they only did
two in their familiar slow, mellow style.  
strawberry have successfully re-invented themselves.

the seven-inch is called plum tree "green mittens"/
strawberry "me"... it's on cinnamon toast and has
two songs by each band.


there's no way around it -- len didn't impress.
they had some trouble starting their set, and
didn't really manage to get people interested.
hip club groove were fine, but six-two wasn't 
there!  has he left the group?  that would suck!

anyways, thrush hermit's set kinda sucked as well,
and it mostly wasn't their fault.  rob's guitar
amp was screwy and wouldn't work for him (at one
point he threw down his guitar, grabbed the mic,
and just sang).  ian's microphone was cutting out
randomly -- we only heard snatches of things he
said/sang.  all of this didn't help.  another
problem, though, is that they only played two
tracks anyone who collects their music would
recognize:  "cott" and "pink is the colour".
everything else that they played is either
unreleased or unrecorded.  and it was a long
set, and most people there seemed to be
kinda bored.  there was no encore.  hope things
are better for them in toronto next week!

celebrity spotting:  i saw rick mercer (from 
cbc-tv's _this hour has 22 minutes_) at the
deuce for the hermit gig.

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