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RE:Sappy review

>These 7's were the first two release on the Sappy Records label
>which is the private little label 'dedicated to releasing the
>beautiful little songs of stero mountain' which is the recording
>studio run by eric's trip out of the lead singer's basement..

It is actually run completly by Julie Doiron. Who do you consider
the lead singer? Julie and Rick are pretty even with the singing.
Chris sings 'Frame' a lot and Mark has sung with Trip a few times too.

>The first piece of vinyl 'Julie..' features a song by each member of
>the band.. It's kinda neat in that the songs decrease in quality in 
>descending order, i.e. the first song 'Five yr. old gfriend' by Julie

Guitar on early tracks, as well as drums and violin...

>is great and the last song by the drummer is absolute shit..

really? I don't agree.... Muff really shows off Mark's agressive style
that is sometimes muffled by Trip slower style. Remember that Mark is
8-10 years older that the rest of the band and he grew up on different
music than the others. The vocals may not be the greatest...oh well.

>In between is a pretty good song by the lead singer featuring neato 
>synth effects and an ok. version of 'Frame' which isn't as good as it's later
>evolution on Love Tara.

Too low of a rating (imo)

>The second piece of vinyl 'Broken Girl' is four solo songs by Julie,
>and wow is it ever astonishingly good..  The four songs are simple
>little accoustic numbers with Julie's planative signing highly
>feautured.  The second song 'Beautiful' is just that, one of
>the greatest song of the year

Personally 'Laugh with me' is the best song, but I agree that this piece
of non-recyclable plastic is great! 

>Another great feature of this single is the drumming,
>which absolutely makes some of these songs.. Totally indie-sound, and
>totally wild and great.  A must buy.

I only have on problem with this 7", its not a 10" or 12", wish 
it was longer



>Sappy Records
>po box 25098
>moncton, n.b.  CANADA
>e1c 9m9

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