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Hey all,

       Resin has released an 8 song album and it kicks ass.  I saw them
live last weekend (opening for some really cheesy metal band called
 "Enter Reality", did they ever suck!)
       This band is now in my top 3 Halifax (sorry Maritime) bands...
they share spots with Eric's Trip and Holden Wheeling (who also has a
cassette at Sam's on Barrington).
     I went to see Resin pretty intoxicated, but hey...they were too.
My friend Alex liked them so much he ripped the soap dispenser off the 
wall in the bathroom. (what a cool thing to do at a concert.)
    Anyway I highly recommend picking up this tape and the song "Fields
of Me", although very catchy, is the best song for your listening pleasure.
    If anyone saw me at the gig, i was the one in the orange FurnaceFace
T shirt.

                                            long live music that doesn't
                                            get played at the dentist's

                                            Kyle Murray

P.S. The gig was at Deep Nine Studios on Agricola St. on the 18th