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The Hermit.

I just had a chance to read my mail today, and here's what I found.

On Fri, 28 Jan 1994, Michael Catano wrote:
I just wanted to post this in regards to the past two Thrush Hermit
releases. All of the stuff on John Boomer, and the two seven inches
(Pink...and Simple..) were recorded at the same sessions over a year
ago at Adinsound Studios here in beautiful Haltown. On the Boomer tape
and the new 7", the credits are a little fuzzy. ALL OF THE DRUMS on
every single track on everything recorded at Adinsound were recorded
by yours truly. The way it looks on the releases has left several
people puzzled, and me more than a little miffed.  Cliff Gibb doesn't
play on anything except the forthcoming Murder release. It is kind of
disappointing to think that I was in a band for almost three years, and
then have my involvement reduced to a "with Mike Catano - Drums". Even Pearl
Jam didn't pull that shit.

On every Thrush Hermit release, the current members of the band was
listed and credit was given to Michael Catano for the work that he
put in to the recording. During interviews, Thrush Hermit has made it
quite clear that Michael has recorded the tracks on the current

Thrush Hermit had no intention of getting anybody confused about
the credits.

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