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Re: from oz..new member

About three weeks ago, John Littler wrote:

>actually i was born in Halifax and
>lived there until i was about ten (in the dockyard). 

>it was quite cool to hear that Halifax had become a music center
>when people asked where i was born i used to get this Hali-where
>reaction or if the people had been there as part of WW2 just a 
>flat negative reaction...i'd say yeah, well you don't really
>know the place and they'd mumble something about kids not
>knowing anything.

>i'd be interested to hear what it's actually like living in
>Halifax these days..you know, the day to day stuff, the timbre
>of life!

My belated reply:

	Well, the whole downtown area between Barrington Street and 
Citadel Hill has undergone a transformation.  Old merchants have 
moved out, and the area has become fashionable due to a plethora
of coffee shops, used book/music stores, sandwich shops, etc...
There is the now-legendary "pizza corner" on Blowers Street at
St. David's Presbyterian church next to the public library...
four pizza shops where one may get a "BIG", "GIANT", or "JUMBO"
slice of pizza for $2 during lunch hours (don't ask me what the
difference is)...  

	The Double Deuce Roadhouse is down on Hollis Street...
It's a crowded venue with a tiny dancefloor and tacky mirrors
and an annoying post near the left of the stage that obstructs
the view (the "hardship post", some of us call it)...  but it
is the home of Halifax grunge and we love it...

	Actually, the coffee culture here is just exploding.
There are a lot of great places to choose from...  Cafe Mokka
has the most ties to NSCAD (the art college) and CKDU (the
Dalhousie community radio station) but the Trident appeals to
the quasi-bourgeois tastes of some of us and I have just 
discovered the most amazing cafe latte at the "Daily Grind"
which is on Spring Garden Road -- a newstand/coffeehouse that
is associated with Entitlement Books across the street, an
amazing shop filled with literary delights...

	To round out the "alternative" cultural life there
is Wormwood's Dog and Monkey Cinema, which is in fact the
only alternative to the commercial cinemas...  I wish I
knew more about the art galleries...

	One of the biggest changes is really the
yuppification of Spring Garden Road -- now truly the
chicest place to see and be seen, a fact which has its
ups and downs, and among the downs most notably is an
obscene shrine to American capitalism called "Park Lane",
a mall for the wealthy that seems to have no discernable
relation to Maritime architecture...

	That's my brief sketch...


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