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Eric's Trip at DDeuce

James Covey's message (about Acadia gigs) just made me remeber
that about 2 weeks ago I was talking to Peter Rowan, about (like 
always, Sloan, Trip, T Hermit ....:) the gigs that the Deuce were 
having(i.e. Scarce, Moonsocket) and he mentioned that Eric's Trip
was planning to return to the Deuce around the end of Febuary, to
'promote' the release of "notes from Stereo Mountain", the long 
awaited (by, me at least) new 7inch and comic book. Lets hope that
it is going to happen, it's been two whole months since Eric's Trip
has played Halifax:(

P.S. Another note, I picked up Thrush Hermit's Marya (Marya on A Side 
with Simple Universal Leader and Cott on the B Side) 7inch and on the
inlay it quite clearly says that Mike Catano played all drums.

		"Drums on all songs played by Mike Catano"

So it seems that Mike is now getting the recognition he deserves.
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