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review: CKDU benefit \!/ Double Deuce Sat Feb 5 94


	The lead singer of Hardship Post sat alone on stage
with an acoustic guitar -- a lightbulb was hung so that is was
right beside his face, and was the only illumination.  The only
song I recognized was "If Things Work Out" (no, he didn't do
"Colourblind").  He tried out some new stuff which sounded 
really good (as per usual).  Definitely the best acoustic set
I've seen at the Deuce (and that includes Lou Barlow for 
whatever that's worth).


	Someone correct me if I spelled "Ishka Baha" wrong...
A really good Celtic rock drinking band.  Hot licks, talented
players, the dance floor filled with exhuberant partiers blah
blah blah...
	A nice change of pace.


	(Is that how they're spelling it now?)  Drummer of the
week was Cliff Gibb...  only my second time seeing them play
but they were much tighter than the last time.  Drew, Matt,
and Charles have recorded a bunch of songs...  Maybe there'll
be another murder ep out of it or something...  Heard "Karate
Man" on CKDU and it sounded really hot.  


	"Like it or not, that's our name now," said Allison of
Bubaiskull.  They put on a solid set, as per usual.  Their new
songs are all really cooking now.  Man, get that damn _Kitten_
CD out there so the rest of the country can hear...
	There were some interesting lighting effects at times
-- low, bright lights, and a strobe during "I Remember Drinking".
Unfortunately, they didn't do their instrumental.  Looks like 
Chris and Tim are making a habit now of wearing suits on stage
(with docs, though :-).


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