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top 10 of 1993

Well, folks, I tabulated the results of our little top 20 survey, and
I have two observations:

1)  Yes, _Smeared_ did not come out in the USA until '93,
so I think it is entitled to #1 status on the list, considering
how many times it was mentioned.

2)  Ten albums came out far enough ahead of all the others mentioned
that I decided to simply post a top ten list instead of a top twenty.

Without further ado, the Sloan Net top 10 of 1993:

1)  Sloan _Smeared_
2)  Eric's Trip _Love Tara_
3)  Nirvana _In Utero_
4)  The Breeders _Last Splash_
5)  Frank Black _Frank Black_
6)  Smashing Pumpkins _Siamese Dream_
7)  Hardship Post _Hack_
8)  Belly _Star_
9)  Pond _Pond_
10) Swervedriver _Mezcalhead_

Thanks to everyone for contributing!

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