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Well, the Deuce would move to secreterys, which is
about 650-750 capacity... the ceiling is lower, the
room is rather like an aricraft hanger with wooden
panelled walls.

make that aircraft... :)

I have decided I think its dumb....  the Deuce
barely pays the rent as it is, and we have
only ever had lineups because it was too crowded
inside about 4 times in two years...  whihc
means, to pay the rent and fill the place, its going
to take a lot more then the usual 350 people on a 
Friday, and it will look totally deserted Mon-Tues-
Wed, and the only way to fill the place will be to 
bring in bigger out of town acts... which is what the
new Misty Moon is going to be for... the Deuce should
stay were it is and keep supporting LOCAL music, IMHO.

But who listens? Eh? :)