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Thrush Hermit Suggestions

	Cliff you asked for suggestions, I've got a few for you.....
			(I hope titles are all correct, if not correct me)

Of course I'd love to hear a studio version of Ex-wife's VCR, but there 
are many other tune that are stuck in my head. How about 'Failed English'
(I'm lost for words...:) Back in Dec. you played the Deuce and for the
encore you guys did two songs I love to hear more of, 'I Live for that Look'
and 'Klepto', Joel was really screaming these ones out, made/makes me think
of Julie singing 'Blinded' (although in a different key:), hhhhmmmmmm
shall I continue, Yes I will. How about "Every morning (I reread your      
postcards)"  or "Take another drag" (I really like this, please record  
it and release it soon). What about recording an old song "inch of your life"
I can't remember how this one goes, but it makes me mad when I find it 
scratched off off a play list. And my last request for a recording session,
Two or three times now I've seen you play a song that everyone seems to know
but I don't have a copy of it, or find one. I think it was called something
like "SHOCK ME". All I know is that the Catman would like it......         
	A big Thrush Hermit Fan named Adam

P.S. to Cliff ----> the guy with the cool KISS shirt, and 'list'