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SPINE gig review + the scoop on RESIN

Thursday, February 17, the Double Deuce


a while ago i got some email dumping on sloan & co and
singing the praises of resin -- comparing them to tool...
well, i've finally seen the band and i was *quite* 
impressed...  these guys are *not* original... they
could hardly be called avant-gardists... and a lot of
you indie-rock purists out there probably wouldn't like
their free use of guitar and vocal effects -- but they
are *not trying* to be original, they are trying to be
*good* within a certain genre, and they *are*... *very*
good... but geez the lead singer sounds *exactly* like
weiland from stone temple pilots (ok maybe a bit of
chris cornell in there but how different are those two
in the first place) and just about every song sounds like
"where the river goes" by s.t.p. crossed with "slaves and
bulldozers" by soundgarden...  anyways -- if you are into
that posturing metal-grunge thing i would recommend these
guys as the best representation of that category on the
halifax scene...  these guys are really talented...
and i confess that i enjoyed listening to them...


wow.  wow wow wow wow wow.  okay it's time for me to froth
at the mouth about a new band again.  if you like horseshoes
& handgrenades, you should be checking out spine.  they are
quite similar, but definitely have their own unique vibe...
this is david ledden accompanied by two members of samsara.
their drummer is *really* hot.  they put on a really great
set tonight...  this is a band that cannot be pinned down...
they remind me of dino jr. and pavement, but less slack...
there are hardcore and metal influences seeping through as
well...  these guys can rock with anybody...
for their final song they did a completely over-the-top 
version of the beegees "staying alive" during which two
funny things happened...  the drummer stood up straight
on his stool and did some cheerleading before getting out
from behind the drums and walking around the front of the
kit, hitting the cymbals as he did, and finally getting
around in back again and attacking the drums one more time...
meanwhile, peter -- vocalist from horseshoes & handgrenades --
was really getting into the set and at the point that the
drummer hit the skins again he started leaping in the air,
like, way up off the ground...  it was *hilarious* to watch...

these guys are going to do some recording soon...
they are going to put out a tape, and if that goes over,
maybe some vinyl...  i'll let you know what's going on...


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