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Re: Sloan songs

}I don't recall Sloan songs ever being the topic of discussion, so this 
}prompts me to ask:

I don't guarantee that i'm right, but we'll see...

}Is "Raspberry" the name of the girl that he's avoiding?


}What is "The Median Strip" ?

Based on an art piece by Laura Borealis... see liner notes.  I assume the 
median strip is the chunk of concrete, or maybe a nice flowered boulevard 
piece, in the middle of the street.

}What's the relation between "I am the Cancer" and the song itself ?
}(is this some kind of inside joke?  Or am I not understanding the
}choice of song title?)

I never figured it out either.

}Who else thinks that "Take it In" is the BEST song on the album?


}Is "500 Up" some exaggeration of 7-Up ?  Seriously...

James said so (except that, to clarify, you only get 25 pts if the ball is 
still rolling.  A dead ball is zero.  Also, if you touch the ball but fail 
to catch it, you lose the number of points it would have been worth.)

}Who's "Marcus" ?

Dunno (Geez, not much help am I!)

}Who's face is on the cover of Peppermint?  

Chris Murphy?  It's a photograph which has been painted upon.  I think it 
looks like he's smoking a joint, which seems like a dumb thing to put on 
an album cover these days.