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Donner Party Reunion, and others

No Records will release our fifth and sixth cassettes in the next month.

NOC005 is a comp tape of sorts, featuring Len from Toronto, Hip 
Club Groove from Truro, and Zoltar, with 2 songs performed by Chaz
Rules and then recorded by former members Dave and Wayne.

NOC006 Donner Party Reunion - When I Was Young, is a really really
cool tape with 8 great hardcore punk songs on them... I am really
excited about this one, not that the other tapes are not great too,
but DPR has never put out a quality demo in 3 years of playing, and
they really are one of the best punk rock bands I have ever seen.
The hit off this one is going to be Farewell To Nova Scotia, a 
great cover with CRUNCH guitars... :)

Other things on the horizon are things like NO CLASS TWO... planning
the compitition phase now, trying to find new highschool age bands from
throughout the region, and getting the promo ready... scheduled for
Late August release date...

And the other thing is a promo EP seven inch with Essen doing their
song Pondering (recorded at Adinsound, its wicked) and Hip Club Groove
(also recording at Adinsound in a week), and two other bands, 
one from Toronto, one from farther west... we are still working out
exactly who, so I won't name names yet.....

Anyway, thats an update...