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Purple Knight

Mike Piercey wrote

>question: who the heck are Purple Knight?  I got their 7" today (no 
>i haven't listened to it yet, Mr. Mortal Coil), and the explanation 
>on the sleeve is as confusing as all heck, indeed.

Purple Knight is Mark Gaudet (drummer for Eric's Trip) and 
Raynald LeBlanc (??). They formed a rock band in 1974, the named
is a play on Deep Purple's song Black Knight. They have broken up
rejoined broke up rejoined many times since then. Mark is actually 
close to 30 years old. I saw an interview with Julie and she said 
that E.T. was really happy when they "got" Mark, because he was the
best drummer around. The band started when he was around 10 years old
(listen to the lyrics, they're pretty simple). Mark is on drums and
Raynald is on guitar. They are really pretty fast compared to Trip.
Hope you enjoy the 7", and to everyone else ----->BUY IT!! 

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