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magic mirror message

time for my $0.02 as well, i guess...

i'm james covey... and just about everything that
is interesting in my life, i owe to the internet.

the boring bit is that i am working on a master's
thesis on the poetry of wallace stevens and the
"postmodern sublime"  (if anyone can tell me what
that is please send me email quick...) here in
halifax, the hub of the post-grunge universe.

the other parts of my life don't suck:

i met the woman i love over the internet, which
is amazing...  actually, i am going down to 
chicago to see her next month...  she happens to
subscribe to sloan net...  take a bow, terri...

i met colin mackenzie (montreal version) on sloan
net, and patti schmidt through him, and ended up
halifax correspondent for brave new waves on cbc.
my first time on, i mostly talked about sloan net.

i got my own radio show at ckdu basically because
of sloan net -- i came on as a guest on a show to
talk about our list, and ended up inheriting the
show!  it _was_ called _the paisley window_, but i
rechristened it _slacker city_...  i guess you
could call that cynical demographic manipulation...
when i take over brave new waves, i promise to
rename it to _slacker nation_...  just kidding...

something i want to clear up:

yes, sloan net was my idea, and, yes, i set it
up, but that was no work.  the real work is done
by scott schuman.

i am not scott schuman.  scott schuman is not just
a seperate personality from me, he also has his own
body and his own life...  and he manages sloan net,
it runs from his account, and he is the one who 
asked people to tell about themselves...  scott and
i typify two different slacker personas... scott
shares an apartment with a roomie...  i live with
my parents like the dweeb that i am...

oh and i wear braces on my teeth and fake docs and
used flannel shirts...  oh but i don't always wear
flannel...  when i wear flannel i am in my "hell,
yeah, i'm a demographic" mood, and when i don't
wear flannel i'm in my "hell, no, i'm not just a
demographic" mood...  actually, they're just warm
to wear and i paid $2 the last time i bought one...
you can't beat that...

and what i want for my birthday is the new pavement
album and a "slacker patch doll" (thanks to patti
schmidt for the suggestion) although my birthday is 
two and half months away so i may change my mind
before then... or i may give in and buy the pavement

and my life will have a temporarily complete 
quality when spine and horseshoes & handgrenades
get some of their music on tape...

i have thousands of dollars in student loan debt
and several nearly-maxed cards and no hope for
meaningful employment in the near future...
face it, i am a walking gen-x cliche...  
it would be funny if it wasn't so funny...

did anyone hear the hardship post brave new waves
session last night?  "under the influence of meat
puppets too" is the coolest song...


James R. Covey         Out on the road today I saw a Sub Pop sticker on a Subaru
<jrcovey\!/ac.dal.ca>    A voice inside my head said yuppies smell teen spirit too
Department of English  I though I knew what love was, but I was blind
Dalhousie University   Those days are gone forever, whatever, nevermind...
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