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Re: magic mirror message

They call me Righteous <WMASON\!/ac.dal.ca> iced the cake with:

}>>A gas station jacket with your name on the patch would be tres cool.
}>i know...  i gotta find one...  it got really warm
}>here this week...
}Now, a gas station jacket with someone ELSES name on it would be even cooler...
}See Mike Catano, who also goes by the name Marty, at least, thats what his
}jacket says
}Mine says Bruce, by the way....

How are ya, Bruce?  Hot enough to boil a monkey's bum in 'ere!
(Sorry, Monty Python addict.  I even named my car Bruce: both of them, 
to avoid confusion)

When I worked at a gas station in High School, being a large guy, the only 
shirts that would fit me belonged to the potbellied (subtle indie band 
reference there) manager, Al.  My mom was nice enough to sew a patch over 
the name tag so that everybody wouldn't call me Al (Paul Simon??)
    But, today, maybe that shirt would be cool: too bad I had to give it 
back when I quit.

"I quit my job to go on tour!"
Rob Benvie, wadding up his Esso(?) shirt at the Thrush Hermit Graduation 
Party gig, June 93.