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It brings a tear to me eye.

Well, it's gratifying to hear/see the hubbub that I've created with my
request for information.  I just want to say: I love you - specifically
*you*, the one reading this message.  (I hope this causes no offense
to Lorna... I know that it will not offend James.)

So as a result of my schizophrenic split into two diametrically opposed and
as yet, unresolved personalities, I reply to my own request for information.

I currently reside in Dartmouth, beautiful sister city and bedroom
community to Halifax.  Some call it the City of Lakes, but they are
generally subjected to scorn and rude remarks.

The reason I am here is because I am residing here.  To those who believe
that this is a tautology, I can only say this: look more closely, and you
will find that it is rather more like a small chunk of salt cod.

[NOTE:  Salt cod is fast becoming a delicacy here in N.S. as our "stocks"
	are "depleted".  Notice how the use of quotation marks can turn
	any statement into an ambiguous bit of innuendo in 5 easy steps. ]


	Because my mother's father had no sons to carry on the
	family name, I was given that name as my first name.
	In the unfortunate circumstance that my mother and her
	children had been forced to revert to her maiden name,
	I would bear the redundant nomenclature of Scott Scott.

	I am 6'3" and thin as a stick.

	I am currently engaged to a wonderful woman who is lurking
	on this list, but only she knows if she will reveal herself.
	This list cannot have too many soap operas, in my opinion.

	Another thing that I do is manage this list.  James is lying
	when he says that we are two different people - it's just
	that his particular personality hasn't come to grips with
	the fact that WE ARE LEGION.  Actually, we are a person
	named SloanNet with about 80 different personalities who
	enjoy writing email messages to themselves.

	I want to know how much the Philips CD-i will be retailing

I also want to know if anybody knows what a possible reference
for my question: "Does the fish come with chips?" might be.

>From room -3.1415927 of the Nove Scotia Hospital,
Scott Schuman (not James Covey)

P.S. Anyone who sends me five bucks will receive the SASsy Decoder
     Ring(TM), which translates the messages I post into something
     which makes sense.

P.P.S.  No, really, I'm not James.  Ask Chris, he'll tell you.