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Eric's trip

>Eric's Trip gig this saturday (i'll be the one in the overalls).

I'll be there too.........
I will most likely be wearing an orange Sloan shirt or 
a black KISS shirt and ripped jeans...... 
Introduce yourself ....Right on! 
(Sorry a FaithNoMore reference:) 

mike piercey wrote: 

>p.s. Ed of Eric's Trip is 30?  Wow, that's cool. 

That's Mark of Eric's Trip, the second drummer for for the band.
Ed Vaughan[sic] was the frist drummer, he was on all pre-Warmgirl
releases, or basically all releases in 1991 and earlier. The first 
clue that he is older is that he was in a band that formed in 1974
Purple Knight (you can get their 7" for $5.00 including s&h from 

NIM Records; 
115 Liberty Cr.
Moncton, N.B.
E1A 6K6

P.K. also has a song on NIM's Naked In The Marsh 10", for $8.00
including s&h P.S. its clear green vinyl, and there is also a rare
Eric's Trip song, Sickness, were E.T. is a threesome; Chris: Drums
Julie : Bass and Rick on Guitars and Voice.

Another clue, to get back to my original topic, that Mark is older
I met one of his old classmates in my Geology class, and he(the guy I met)
is 28 and he thought that Mark was a year or so older than him.

> He is one kick-ass drummer, though: 

That is for sure.....get the Purple Knight and you can really hear 
his 'faster' style, with double bass drums:-)

>"Muff" from Julie and the porthole to dementia was a great tune.
					Don't you mean IS :-)


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