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From:	HUSKY1::GEN4240      24-FEB-1994 04:34:41.05
To:	GEN4114
Subj:	sloan lyrics

Ok, here's what I know about the hidden mysteries of Sloan lyrics,
regarding darryll hobsons question.
Rasberry is about a girl both Chris and Patrick fell for (personal
Median Strip-a piece by Laura Borealis, originally a very different
song about breaking up with a girl then seeing her everywhere.
I am the Cancer- About members of Sloan, jale and Little Orton
himself who all hung around together. (a cancer, like people, can
grow on you-personal ob.)

Take it in- is it the best song?-Dunno.

500-up- You can play it with a football too.

Marcus- Went up to Chris Murphy one day in the nscad cafeteria and 
said "Write a song about me."
so he did.
Peppermint ep-I don't know about the picture but I do remember when they
were meeting with the artist to see how it would be done.
Patrick had a nickname once--Peppermint Patti.

Does anyone have a copy of that Laura Borealis piece? I'd like to read it.