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Re:Badluck#13/Monoxides/ERIC'S TRIP

simple universial mike wrote:
(Is he trying to say he's a leader, huh Cliff) 

>what a great gig.  I didn't care much for bad luck 13, but the 
>monoxides knocked my socks off.  

I actually liked Bad Luck #13 better than the Monoxides. Although the 
'falsie' jokes got a bit tiresome. I only wished that they would have 
left "I never really liked you anyway" for later in the show (its on
NIM's Naked In the Marsh 10")

>Eric's Trip were great as usual, esp. "stove" plus 
>they played "mirror" and "blinded", two songs i haven't heard in a 
>while.  now i'm deaf, tho.

What did you say, i couldn't hear you.....
It got toooooooooo loud towards the end of the set. Warmgirl is quickly
becoming my fav Trip song. It's on their 'new' derivative single. Its a 
new single of old songs. (Warmgirl, window, so easier last time, my chest
is empty, and, the future) (I'll type a catalogue soon with all info)

Just for those interested, Eric's Trip play list.

*View Master
 My Room
 Happens all the time
*My bed is red
*Near Here 
 Lightly Feeling
 Anytime You Want
*Your Always Right

Total time Approx 55 min:-)
* NEW SONGS (To me atleast)   

>ps: Adam in the orange sloan shirt: damn pleased to meet you! 

Good to meet you too, the overalls gave you away:-)
The only other Netters I recognized were Waye and Scott, if I missed 
someone, sorry.

>good to see some sloannetters in the house.

I was hoping for more, James, Cliff.....??
It was a great show, another full house, 300 people. There were people
standing in the hallway to the 'can' listening to the show:)
The pool room was full too. 

I talked to Trip after the show (Julie&Rick know me by name:) and
"notes from Stereo Mountian" is not 'in' yet:( and Chris said that the
new Moonsocket 7", on Sappy, is just going to get pressed in the next 
couple, then the covers and everthing have to be printed etc. So it will be
a little while 'til it's out.


P.S.     PAUL!!!!!!!
(Marks fav 'saying', all through the show he yells it out, kinda strange)

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