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Re: The Hermit.

}Nope, it's true. I'm in grade 12, and all the rest of the guys don't do anythingexcept hang around in the window of dischord and drink coffee. Ian works at
}Mark's Work Warehouse, and Cliff works at the agricultural college (i think).
}Other than that, They don't go to school or anything.

Weird.  I just heard (secondhand) at the Green Room gig that a couple of 
the guys (Rob & Joel, I guess) are taking at least one class in video 
production at NSCAD, and I'd assumed that Cliff was a student at the Ag. 
College (God knows why: it's probably more likely that he just works 
there, since he doesn't look like a farm boy to me.)

Can these guys actually survive on what they get paid for gigs? (NOT!!)  I 
remember one gig in early summer when Rob said "I quit my job to go on 
tour"  I'll bet he wishes he was still pumping gas.  I also have a setlist 
from another show that's written on the back of a scrap copy of Joel's 
resume!  Actually got him to sign it after the gig.  He was rather 
desperate to find a job.

So, how does a high school kid get a SMU account and a CKDU radio show?

P.S. I plan to donate to a whole list of you guys (Waye, James, etc.).  I'm 
just trying to figure out if I should do the lump sum thing or give you 
each ten bucks.

Anyway, now that you tell me the story, I don't know if I like these guys 
so much anymore.  It's strange that they'd ask you to leave over that.  
Honestly, if you had to choose between a week or two of school and a cross-
Canada tour, you'd pack your bags, right?