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InterNet FYI for those who haven't seen it

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Reprinted from the Computer Underground Digest:

The Internet Index: Facts and Figures for '93

Compiled by Win Treese (treese\!/crl.dec.com)

Annual rate of growth for Gopher traffic: 997%

Annual rate of growth for World-Wide Web traffic: 341,634%

Average time between new networks connecting to the Internet:
10 minutes

Number of newspaper and magazine articles about the Internet
during the first nine months of 1993: over 2300

Number of on-line coffeehouses in San Francisco: 18.  Cost
for four minutes of Internet time at those coffeehouses: $0.25

Date of first known Internet mail message sent by a head of
state: 2 March 1993 (Sent by Bill Clinton, President of the
United States)

Date on which first Stephen King short story published via the
Internet before print publication: 19 Sept 1993

Number of mail messages carried by IBM's Internet gateways in
January, 1993: about 340,000

Number of mail messages carried by Digital's Internet gateways
in June, 1993: over 700,000

Advertised network numbers in July, 1993: 13,293; Advertised
network numbers in July, 1992: 5,739

Date after which more than half the registered networks were
commercial: August, 1991

Number of Internet hosts in Norway, per 1000 population: 5

Number of Internet hosts in United States, per 1000 population:

Number of Internet hosts in July, 1993: 1,776,000

Round-trip time from Digital CRL to mcmvax.mcmurdo.gov in
McMurdo, Antartica: 640 milliseconds

Number of hops: 18

Number of USENET articles posted on a typical day in
February, 1993: 35,000

Number of megabytes posted: 44

Number of users posting: 80,000

Number of sites represented: 25,000

Number of Silicon Valley real estate agencies advertising with
Internet mail addresses: 1

Terabytes carried by the NSFnet backbone in February, 1993: 5

Number of countries reachable by electronic mail: 137 (approx.)

Number of countries not reachable by electronic mail: 99

Number of countries on the Internet: 60

Amount of time it takes for Supreme Court decisions to
become available on the Internet: less than one day.

Date of first National Public Radio program broadcast
simultaneously on the Internet: 21 May 1993

Percent of Boardwatch Top 100 BBS systems with Internet
Connectivity: 21

Number of people on the Internet who know you're a dog: 0

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