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Disques NIM Records

	Disques NIM Records also has a catalog out of 
alternative/SLOANlike/Eric's Trip like band. They are another
low budget record label from Moncton. Here is their fall catalog

NIM001: Various Artists- 10" green vinyl, 7 songs. A Canadian
			 compilation, featuring Bad Luck #13, 
    			 Eric's Trip(as a threesome, before 
			 Mark and after their first drummer Ed), 
			 Front Porch, Idee Du Nord, Purple Knight 
			 and Syntax Error     $8.00

NIM003: Bad Luck #13: 7" e.p. (4songs) "Belligerent 1977 in your
		      face punk!" $5.00

NIM004: NFA: 7" e.p. (4 songs) "Chaotic tempo destruction, throb
	     and grind."  $5.00

NIM005: Idee Du Nord: 7" e.p. (2 songs) "Cabaret lounge music from
		      outer space."  $5.00

NIM006: Purple Knight: 7"e.p. (2 1/2 sons per side) "Very singular
		       minimalist punk rock."  $5.00

All prices include shipping and handling. In Canada use Cdn funds,
In the USA use US funds and Foreign orders use US Funds and add $1.00

		Disques NIM Records
		115 Liberty Cr.
		Moncton, N.B.
		E1A 6K6

P.S. NIM002 was Eric's Trip's Belong 7" and the first press sold out,
     and the second press (Different Cover) sold out days after it 
     was released.

     If you order anything say that you read about NIM on SLOANnet.

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