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Sappy Records Repost

	Here is a more descriptive Sappy Records catalog.

The little label dedicated to releasing the 
beautiful   songs   of   Stereo    Mountain

SAP001 Julie and the Porthole to Dimentia : Stereo Mountain
       part one, featuring the solo songs of Eric's Trip
       7" four songs:  Five year old girlfriend  (Julie D)
		       Mountain (Rick W)
		       Frame (Chris T)
		       Muff (Mark G)

SAP002 Broken Girl : Dog love part two, four sad songs by a 
		     broken girl. Julie's solo project. 
		     7" 4 songs : Beautiful
				  Laugh With Me
				  Sad Song

SAP003 Moon Socket : 19 strange little songs by Chris. Recorded
		     in space. 45 Minutes long cassette

SAP004 Notes From Stereo Mountain : Four song narrative record 
				    with a twelve page comic book.
				    (To be released late Feb.)

Each of these releases cost $5.00 including shipping and handling.
Send you orders to
			P.O. Box 25097
			Moncton N.B.
			E1C 9M9

P.S. Tell them that you heard about these records on the SLOANnet, o.k.?

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