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last night at the Double Deuce

SUPERFRIENDS:  Charles Austin, Drew Yamada, Matt Murphy, Chris Murphy

	It was *really* fun to watch Chris pounding on those skins...
the drum kit was out to the front of the stage and to one side, so
he was much more prominent -- the most amazing expressions cross his
	The best moments were when Drew and Matt were harmonizing.
Charles played Chris' bass adequately but I think I prefer him on
guitar with Skreech.
	Not bad, not bad at all.

	You know, after talking to everyone I could find who I thought
might know anything, it still isn't clear whether they are gonna pack it in.
There's still a chance that they might appear again at the CKDU benefit.
	I really love this band, but they may not survive losing their
drummer to Bubaiskull...  We'll see.  The crowd seemed to like them last
night, but did not demand an encore.
	Speaking of the H&H drummer joining Bubaiskull, it seems that
the Bubaipeople are bound, bent, and determined to change their name
since losing Adam, their original drummer.  Apparently the name was
his idea.  We'll find out this Saturday when Bubaiskull or *something*
opens for Scarce.


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