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Mike Catano writes...

>I am a CKDU DJ and I need your pledges to help support our wonderful station.
>If you would like to donate to help keep campus radio alive, please send
>me your name, phone number, address, postal code, the amount of your pledge
>and any other pertinent details about yourself.
>	$25 gets your name entered into a draw for great prizes including a
>trip to San Francisco or LA, a year long pass to the double Deuce, plus more.
>	$50 gets you two entries into the draw plus a t-shirt
>	$75 gets you Three entries into the draw, plus the t-shirt and a mug.
>	Donate and make me the happiest little boy around.
>Michael Catano (Listen gto the Speeding Motorcycle on saturday nights, 10-12)

Hey, thanks, Mike, but remember, there's at least two other CKDU DJs on
this list -- so please, yes, donate; but remember, folks, Waye and I
will be happy to accept pledges as well!

By the way, folks, Mike plays drums in a really neat band called Essen,
and they have a tape out on No Records -- the _Truckasaurus_ EP which
was the Indie of the Week on my show this past Thursday.  Hey, Waye,
why don't you tell us here on Sloan Net about No Records?


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