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Moonsocket release

 > From:	IN%"900361P\!/axe.acadiau.ca"  "Mike Piercey"

 > item #3
 > is moonsocket releasing anything?  and if anyone gets a tape of the  
 > gig, could you e-mail me?  i'll miss it cause i have to work.

Moonsocet has released a 45 min tape on Sappy Records (the little lable
dedicated to releasing the beautiful songs of stereo mountian) It is
self-titled and has 19 songs including Sloan's Laying Blame,
E.T.'s Follow and a song called Come Back To Me which E.T.'s Frame with
different lyrics. I really like it! It sounds like a lot E.T's slower
material, mainly acoustic but it will still get a good mosh pit on Sat:)
It was released around the end of November, because I got mine from Chris's
girlfriend at Eric's Trip's show, at the Deuce, on Dec 4. You can get from
Sappy for four bucks (plus $1 shipping and handling (in Canada)).

Sappy now has for releases ($4 each plus $1 for S & H)

SAP001 Julie and the porthole to dimetia, Stereo Mountian Pt1 (4song) 7inch
SAP002 Broken Girl, doglove pt2 (Julie's Solo) (4song) 7inch
SAP003 Moonsocket, 19 little strange songs by Chris , cassette 
SAP004 notes from stereo mountain, 4song narrative and 12 pg comic book
	to be released sometime this month, exactly when??  7 inch

		Sappy Records
		P.O.Box 25097
		Moncton N.B.
		E1C 9M9

Any of these is worth your five bucks, I have SAP001 thru to SAP003 and
I am waiting to get Sap004 in the mail:)

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