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Dieting a la grunge

I know that this does not really concern Sloan but I thought that
some of you might this interesting/funny. I found this in 
Harper's Magazine, October's issue. Chesse lovers beware, nasty things
about cheese are said in this interveiw:) 


>From an interveiw with Courtney Love in Rollerderby by No. 12,
a bimontly magazine published in San Franciso. C Love is the  
lead singer of Hole, a punk band; her husband Kurdt Kobain
is the lead singer of Nirvana. Love was interviewed by Lisa Carver, 
the editor and publisher of Rollerderby, as part of a series of 
interviews with women about their bodies

Courtney: I have a tip! I lost forty pounds, and I have a real tip. I was 
	  fat from fourteen to twenty-four. When you're fat like I was;
	  which was five fett eight inches and 150 to 170 pounds, you do
	  mot get to fuck the boys you want to fuck. Right?...Right?

Lisa: Perhaps.

Courtney: The minute I got skinny and got a nose job and became photogenic,
	  all of a sudden I had a bidding war, and every boy I ever wanted
	  wanted me.

Lisa: What's your tip?

Courtney: The thing you have to do is A.) STOP counting calories! O.K.?
	  B.)Do not get on the scale! 'Cause lean muscle weigh more 
	  than fat. All right? Cut out fat! That's all you gotta do. FAT!
          No cheese. That's it Lisa. Period. NO CHEESE, I told this to 
	  KROQ, I told this to to my nanny. People I tell you this to 
          lose ten, thrity pounds: STOP CHEESE!! You know wht Orientals 
          are not fat? 'Cause they look at chees as this gross western 
          habit. Its like sour milk- LARD. They don'y want anything to 
          do with fucking cheese. If your gonna eat cheese, take it out 
          on a picnic, cut it up carefully, and really taste it - with  
          wine or something. Don't melt it on shit. And I lost FORTY POUNDS
          by not eating cheese and you will lose weight. I swear
	  to god, Lisa.

Lisa: Here's my second question-

Courtney: DON'T EAT CHEESE! There are a million things to eat that are 
	  not cheese.

Adam Rodenhiser	  "There are a million things to eat that are not cheese!"
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