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This was sent to my address, I'm reposting it to Sloan Net.

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   This is Kevin and Kyle at UKC, we just want to write about our
fave indie bands around Halifax.
  Bring me your wretched, your powerpop, your bubblegum grunge, your
cute haircuts, and I will bring you the best band around. Yes, my
little SLOANies, I speak of none other than Resin, the best bloody
band in this city. I can only compare them with bands like TOOL, 
Fudgetunnel, and all other bands with as much edge as they have mud as 
they have soul. They are NOT to be missed- very groovy. They are,
dare I say it, better than the immortal and over-hyped SLOAN. Love 
rules, Jale sucks.-Kevin(even if you hate me now, see the band-Resin-)

   Have you ever thought "Gee, I'd really like Spirit of the West
if they could induce moshing and general anarchy-like conditions at
a concert..."?  Well if so, then I think you'd be impressed with
Holden Wheeling.  They're a local band with a lot of enthusiasm and
talent...the last time I saw them they covered a Rheostatics song
(Record Body Count) and convinced the audienced they were covering
an unheard of Nirvana song.  In other words, these guys are cool!
Anyway, they have an indie release called Chryselephantine, which
is pretty good example of the stuff they can do, although it is 
mostly comprised of their softer material.  In short- awesome band,
good tape, see 'em before they sell out and somebody makes a HOLDEN
WHEELING NET. --Love and Tempered Steel, Kyle.

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