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	Hi all.  Mostly I enjoy just reading all the posts, butI thought 
I'd give posting a try.  So here is some info that might be of interest.
	Chris Thompson of Eric's Trip will be playing under his own title 
of MOONSOCKET on Sat Jan 16 at (and please correct me if you know 
different) the Double Duce.  Joining Chris will be Rick White (also of 
ET) and Ed Vaughan (the original drummer for ET).
	Chris will be on guitar for a few of his songs with Rick on drums 
and Ed on bass.  Then for a few of Rick's songs, Rick and Chris will be 
changing instruments.
	In addition to the "band" portion of MOONSOCKET will be Just 
Chris playing acoustic stuff. Well I hope that this was interesting to 
somebody out there.
Rod Cyr                                    erc0755\!/bosoleil.ci.umoncton.ca
"Ya can't beat me...I'm totaly Mental!"-Lobo