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Re: Sloan vinyl and extra tracks

}Date sent:      Fri, 07 Jan 1994 10:33:05 -0500 (EST)
}From:           robertk\!/lotatg.lotus.com (Robert Krajewski)
}Subject:        Sloan vinyl and extra tracks
}To:             Sloan Net <gen4114+sloan\!/HUSKY1.STMARYS.CA>

}When I saw Sloan live the last time they rolled into
}Boston, they did some songs from B-sides and so on.
}However, in the latest mailing, the only other material
}that is available is the Peppermint EP. What has happened
}to any 7" single that they've released ? And surely
}there must have been some CD singles from _Smeared_.

Yes, several CD singles, and songs on several compilations, but no vinyl 
singles that I'm aware of.  Check the discography for details: ask Scott 
(gen4114\!/husky1.etc) to send it to you if he doesn't do so after reading 
your post.

They also have a tendency to cover Kiss, Eric's trip, Jellyfishbabies, 
Duran Duran, Bad Brains, and a host of other random influences.  I've seen 
Chris Murphy & various guests do whole sets of old punk songs (on New 
Year's Eve) Kiss (at the KISSmas party) and other things: they just love 
to goof around and have a good time.

They also have recently been performing as-yet unreleased material which 
will most likely appear on the next album (whenever that is).