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Re: East Coast Music Awards nominees...

The ECMAs, or Eastern "Celtic" Music Awards are a joke...

Remember, this is the outfit that nominated Sloan (the only
international recording artist still based here nominated for
ANYTHING) for seven awards, and then gave none to Sloan, and
five to Terry Kelly.  Who is Terry Kelly, you might ask?
A blind fiddle player some would say, but NOBODY SPECIAL I
would say.  

On other important news, the original alternative "quote unquote"
band for the showcases in NFLD was going to be the (infamous for
never, evr playing shows except open mic at the Misty Moon) Purple
Helmuts.  Yes, the Helmuts, as they are never locally refered to but
refered to in certain pedantic national magazines.  The outrage
rocked the ECMA to the core....  now aparently local Sloan disiples
Merge are going to play....

In evern more interesting ECMA news, apparently the membership to 
the actual "Association" has new requirments..  one must be a member of
the local "music industry"... whatever the hell that is.....  like
does being in a high school band or being a volunteer DJ at CKDU count
as "industry."

You wont catch me going to St. Johns... no sir, I don't like it, not
one bit!

Waye Mason

P.S. pardon my spelling today, I'm on a crappy keyboard, etc, etc....