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Re: East Coast Music Awards nominees...

They call me Righteous <WMASON\!/ac.dal.ca> showered us with much needed 

}The ECMAs, or Eastern "Celtic" Music Awards are a joke...

And not even a funny one.

}Remember, this is the outfit that nominated Sloan (the only
}international recording artist still based here nominated for
}ANYTHING) for seven awards, and then gave none to Sloan, and
}five to Terry Kelly.  Who is Terry Kelly, you might ask?
}A blind fiddle player some would say, but NOBODY SPECIAL I
}would say.  

I thought he was a guitarist, and reputably a damn good one, but then 
again, I've never had the pleasure of hearing him play.

}On other important news, the original alternative "quote unquote"
}band for the showcases in NFLD was going to be the (infamous for
}never, evr playing shows except open mic at the Misty Moon) Purple
}Helmuts.  Yes, the Helmuts, as they are never locally refered to but
}refered to in certain pedantic national magazines.  The outrage
}rocked the ECMA to the core....  now aparently local Sloan disiples
}Merge are going to play....

I saw the Helmets unexpectedly at the Grawood once and was highly 
underwhelmed.  Then again, I found Merge rather sluggish and boring.  My 
vote goes to Eric's Trip to best represent both the power and the melody 
of the East Coast alternative scene.  Then again, Bubaiskull should 
qualify as traditional celtic, with the violin and all.  I bet they'd blow 
that blind guy right off the stage.  (My apologies to any readers out 
there who are visually impaired (: