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Hit Machine

Scientific Mike Piercey <900361P\!/axe.acadiau.ca> asked:

}what's the updraft on the "hitmakers" or the "hittakers" or the 
}"weaselshittakers", which i think contains criss murphy from sloan 
}and a bunch of other people?  didn't they play the double deuce on 
}newyearseve with bubaiskull?  (since my car is on the fritz, i don't 
}make it to halifax much)

On New Year's Eve, Hit Machine was scheduled to open for Bubaiskull, but 
the band turned out to be "Union Jack Squat", a late 70's punk band risen 
from the ashes.  Chris Murphy (vocals & rhythm), Matt Murphy(lead), Pat 
Pentland (bass) and Dave Marsh (drums) played a great set of old punk 
tunes, most of which I unfortunately don't recognize.  I could post the 
song titles and let youse all argue about who the original artists were.  
I wasn't there, but all evidence suggests it was a killer show.  I refer 
you to JRCOVEY's recent post.

Word is that they'll be at it again at the Deuce on the 13th, although I 
won't speculate on what the band will be called or what type of songs 
they'll play.  Besides, I like a little mystery.

}i still don't know if i'm using this thing right, but hello to all.

Well, apart from your lack of a "Shift" key, you seem to be doing fine.
Get that car fixed and drop by for Study Break.