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Re: I just heard

SNYGG LITEN SATMARA <ROLSTON\!/ac.dal.ca> followed herself up with:

}I just heard a more detailed list of the nominees in the more "popular
}categories". The only one even remotely cool was Stompin' Tom.. and maybe
}      oOo         Sarah MacLaughlin...are they not aware of a music scene
}     oOOOo         going on in Halifax and the East Coast that doesn't 
}    OO  OOo         involve traditional maritime music?

Not at all.  The Halifax scene is a myth that lives in the minds of local 
teens and college students and the American media.  We have one bar, one 
underage club, a few random festivals and high school gym gigs, and about 
50 bands trying to gain an audience.  The local blues, jazz, and 
traditional celtic music is much more widespread, plays in many more 
venues, and garners much more attention, fan support, and critical acclaim 
(but less hype!).

I wish it was different.  With a different bar in this town for every day 
of the year, there has to be some bar owner willing to book the 
alternative scene.  I like the recent suggestion that someone reopen the 
Misty Moon (which holds over 1000) to bring in big time 
international alternative acts.

}whao..this is number 2 (:

Keep 'em coming :)