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Re: East Coast Music Awards nominees...

SNYGG LITEN SATMARA <ROLSTON\!/ac.dal.ca>, with a name that sounds very 
traditional and celtic to me, wrote:

}I heard on the news that the nominees for the East Coast Music Awards were
}announced today..the ceremony is on Feb 13th..in St John('s) (I THINK) and 

Yes, in Newfoundland to get away from the Halifax domination of years past 
and make it a truly "East Coast" event.

}it's going to be broadcast on CBC "mid February" according to the MITV news..
}But of all the nominees mentionned, none is what you'd call the HEART of the
}Halifax "grunge-pop" scene...it's all traditional roots and celtic stuff..
}Rankins..john Campbell John...Sarah MacLaughlin and Roch Voisine...does 
}anyhting have a more complete list...

If I can remember todays Daily News article, the only "alternative" 
nominees are in the "Best Alternative Recording" category:

Bubaiskul "In Sex" (sic)
Hardship Post "Mood Ring"
Eric's Trip "Songs About Chris"
jale "Cinnamon Toast" (sic)
and damned if I can remember #5, maybe Potbelly.

Personally, I don't know how they missed Thrush Hermit's "John Boomer" or 
for that matter, ET's "Love Tara" or HP's "Hack".  No Sloan, since the 
album was released last year, garnering 7 nominations across many 
categories and no awards.

}      oOo      Will there be ANYONE in the list of nominees who can
}     oOOOo         show all of Canada ..and even the world, that we
}    OO  OOo           in Halifax can Rock!?!!?!

Not among the main categories, I'm afraid.

}BTW...this is my first post...so Hello all (: