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Re: bands from nfld

here's my opinion on some of the bands from Newfoundland:

Potbelly-- excellent, excellent excellent.  lots of distorted guitar, rough
vocals, and an amazing drummer.  I have heard both their tapes, Slagroom,
and their more recent one, whose name I can't remember right now.  I also
got to see them a couple of times last winter, both shows were very 
intense.  I also met them, sorta, because I know Doug's girlfriend, sorta.
Really nice guys, i think.  both of their tapes were produced by Don Ellis,
who has done stuff for Hardship Post, hasn't he?

Bung-- a little bit too much on the "Heavy-metal-rock-gods" act for my tastes.
Their stage show is kind of funny, with the lead singer bare footed and doing
jesus christ poses any chance he gets.  They can play their guitars really
good though.  I guess cock-rock solos just aren't my thing.

Liz Pikard (sp?)--  incredible vocalist, powerful, stirring, makes you want
to stop jacking off every afternoon.  I also got to see her and "Burgerhorse"
(four fifths of Bung) play at the Cafe Ole when the newfoundland bands
were in town.  I think she has a tape out, but I'm not sure.

Hardship Post-- never mind.

Whodafunkit-- I'm not sure if these guys are still around.  a half decent
ska band, that's about all I know.

Nana Vortex-- a band I'm sure no-body has heard of.  I guess they're sort
of like Babes in Toyland with less screaming and more distortion (if that
is possible.  

That's about all I can think of at the moment.