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Re: Eric's Trip Show

"James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca> keeps us informed with:

}this weekend at the Double Deuce:
}Saturday    ERIC'S TRIP & "Friends"

Thanks for the confirmation, James.  Sheesh, in that incredibly lengthy 
interview (I hope you didn't have to type it, James!) Greg Clark talked 
about how much advertising was required to draw an audience to the Pub 
Flamingo.  I don't know if he's learned much, because otherwise I should 
have seen/heard an ad somewhere.  Then again, I've been so busy the past 
two weeks, I suppose I have essentially been out of touch with what's 
going on in the city.  Oh, well, at least he gets free advertising on 

Now I have to budget time for one or both gigs.  Is this a valid excuse to 
not have any research done? 

"Well, I was going to run some samples, but there were two excellent gigs 
at the Deuce, so..."

I think I need a vacation.  Brooks, I'll trade for tickets to Victoria!