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more showbuzz

THRUSH HERMIT -- The seven-song EP for murderecords is in the can,
and when the artwork and stuff is done, it will be released in
January or February, hopefully.  I hear that Virgin Records were
expressing interest in TH down at the CMJ seminar in NYC.  
Is this true, Cliff?  :-)

JALE -- It's now been confirmed that Brad Wood is coming up to
Halifax to record the jale Sub Pop debut LP in January.  Wood
is known for producing the latest records by Liz Phair, Tar,
and Seam (all Chicago artists).  I *highly* recommend *The Problem
With Me* by Seam, by the way -- one of the best records of this
year... been listening to it constantly for days now.

SLOAN -- Have finished demoing their songs for the upcoming 
second album.  They are currently shopping the tapes around
to various producers.  They are also set to release another
CD EP on murderecords after the Thrush Hermit release... this
one will be an Al Tuck CD.

BUBAISKULL -- Looks like that full-lengther is finally gonna 
come out after all, but on Cinnamon Toast.  This would be the
first album released by CT.   Apparently the record is already
recorded but is going to be remixed by Don Ellis, the man
who recorded Hardship Post's *Mood Ring*.  There are tentative
plans in the works for CT to tour Bubaiskull thru the eastern
provinces and states, perhaps with Strawberry as an opening
act.  Other CT news -- look for an upcoming Furnaceface single,
perhaps in cooperation with Cargo Records.

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