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et show

This weekend was a great weekend at the Deuce. On Friday, Thrush Hermit
took the stage. They played mainly unreleased songs, some for the first
time(for the hometown crowd) New songs (at least to me) included        
Failed English, Take A Drag, Oh Jenny, X-wife's VCR, I Live For That Look,
and Klepto. (Cliff- Feel free to correct me if I am wrong). The only thing
that wasn't quite right about their set is that about half way through the set
Joel's shoe came untied and he didn't jump around as much, he is usually
jumping all over the place. It was a great show but there were not quite
enough people to get a mosh going :( , but asl far as the music goes it 
was one of the best sets they've done (IMO). After Thrush Hermit,  
Hardship Post came on, however I did not stick around to see them.

On SAturday night, Eric's Trip and Friends played. There were three openers
for this show. First band on was Eric's Trip, yes they came on first. They
did a kind of jam session starting out with Rick and Chris doing an     
acoustic version of Hurt, then Mark decided to join in for Frame. Julie
showed up for Alergic To Love, but she and Rick could not get the harnmony
right so they gave up. The covered America's(???) Sister Golden Hair and then
Julie did a song by herself off of her new Broken Girl 7 inch. After Trip
Purple Knight came on. P.K. is Mark and another guy Raynald Leger. They 
did a 10 song set. They were very fast and loud, compared to the unplugged
E.T. Supposivly P.K. was formed in 1974 by Mark. They are a punk band that
is influenced by Deep Purple. They were very good. Then came"The Bless Mes" 
which are Jen Pierce of Jale on vocals and bass, Chris Murphy on drums and  
a guitarist/vocalist(I don't know his name). They were short, but still good.
t a mosh pit started, and it did not stop until there were too many people on the floor for anyone to move. Trip was excellent from start to finish, there was
never a dull moment. Their set  was 16 songs long and was around 60 min. 5 new
song, some which are going to be on an Austrailian single!! The last song, beforencores was Blinded, Julie screamed her lungs out on this one.(So much that
the speakers were giving off LIGHT, no joking, I don't know why though.)
This was easily the best show I seen by them, they had no problems with
the mixes, no broken strings or any thing like that. A simply wonderful show!!
And a great weekend, I can't wait until another weekend like this one.    

			Adam R