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Re: et show

>This weekend was a great weekend at the Deuce. On Friday, Thrush Hermit
>took the stage. They played mainly unreleased songs, some for the first
>time(for the hometown crowd) New songs (at least to me) included        
>Failed English, Take A Drag, Oh Jenny, X-wife's VCR, I Live For That Look,
>and Klepto. (Cliff- Feel free to correct me if I am wrong). The only thing
>that wasn't quite right about their set is that about half way through the set
>Joel's shoe came untied and he didn't jump around as much, he is usually
>jumping all over the place. It was a great show but there were not quite
>enough people to get a mosh going :( , but asl far as the music goes it 
>was one of the best sets they've done (IMO). After Thrush Hermit,  
>Hardship Post came on, however I did not stick around to see them.

	I think the new songs were all from the upcoming "Smart Bomb"
	murderecords EP.  There *was* one other thing wrong about the
	set -- it was TOO LOUD.  I think people *really* liked the 
	music but just couldn't get near the stage for the noise -- 
	that was the only reason they didn't get a mosh going.

	HP were really good -- they did the two songs from "Hack"
	that they don't usually play:  "If Things Work Out" and
	"I Know You Didn't Want To".  And the volume level was loud
	but not too loud so people could get close to the stage; and
	the ensuing mosh was mostly civilized.

>On SAturday night, Eric's Trip and Friends played. There were three openers
>for this show. First band on was Eric's Trip, yes they came on first. They
>did a kind of jam session starting out with Rick and Chris doing an     
>acoustic version of Hurt, then Mark decided to join in for Frame. Julie
>showed up for Alergic To Love, but she and Rick could not get the harnmony
>right so they gave up. The covered America's(???) Sister Golden Hair and then
>Julie did a song by herself off of her new Broken Girl 7 inch. 

	Those first two songs were good and it kind of 
	went downhill from there...

>After Trip
>Purple Knight came on. P.K. is Mark and another guy Raynald Leger. They 
>did a 10 song set. They were very fast and loud, compared to the unplugged
>E.T. Supposivly P.K. was formed in 1974 by Mark. They are a punk band that
>is influenced by Deep Purple. They were very good. Then came"The Bless Mes" 
>which are Jen Pierce of Jale on vocals and bass, Chris Murphy on drums and  
>a guitarist/vocalist(I don't know his name). 

	That was Sebastian Lippa -- lead singer of Hardship Post.

	My favorite part of the PK set was their cover of 
	"Bad Fun" by The Cult.  :-)

>They were short, but still good.
>A mosh pit started, and it did not stop until there were too many people on 
>the floor for anyone to move.  Trip was excellent from start to finish, 
>there was never a dull moment.  Their set was 16 songs long and was around 
>60 min. 5 new songs, some which are going to be on an Australian single!! 
>The last song, before encores was Blinded, Julie screamed her lungs out on 
>this one.(So much that the speakers were giving off LIGHT, no joking, I 
>don't know why though.)
>This was easily the best show I seen by them, they had no problems with
>the mixes, no broken strings or any thing like that. A simply wonderful show!!
>And a great weekend, I can't wait until another weekend like this one.    

	It *was* a good set... one of the best I've seen as well.
	I'm still not tired of hearing "Smother".


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