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coming attractions

The latest issues of EQ and Network have articles about
the Halifax scene.  EQ has a three-page spread and
interview with Sloan's Jay Ferguson, a two-page interview
with Potbelly, and reviews of Hardship Post "Sugarcane" 7",
Leonard Conan *Pub Slop* 7", *Never Mind the Molluscs*, 
Potbelly *Glid* cassette, Purple Groove Monsters *Dropout
Dance Hall* cassette, Quahogs *Glaze* 7", Shitheads/No
Offense split 7", and Thrush Hermit *Ammo* 7".  In Network
magazine there are blurbs about jale and Hardship Post in
the "Notable" section.  Never fear, I'll be transcribing
these things for the net as soon as possible.

Also, just a reminder about upcoming gigs at the Deuce.
There's this Wednesday $3 thing with Horseshoes and 
Handgrenades, Bubaiskull, Thrush Hermit, and Hardship
Post.  There's also a Cool Blue Halo video release
party coming up, a top 20 dance tunes of 1993 Boxing
Day dance, and New Year's Eve with Bubaiskull.
There's also gonna be a night of all KISS covers
by a bunch of different local bands so it should be
a fun December.


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