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night of all KISS covers

>From James R. Covey...
>There's also gonna be a night of all KISS covers
>by a bunch of different local bands

I've heard that there's a record in the works that will be a
compilation of KISS covers. Here's the scoop that I have...

	 Indeed, there is a Kiss covers comp in the works.  It has been
 discussed on KEZE Spokane's Metal Shop for about 4 months now, but I just got
 a partial song list recently.  Include:

 Extreme               -   Strutter
 Megadeth              -   Strange Ways
 Anthrax               -   She (produced by Gene and Paul - does it not seem a
			   bit odd to work on your own tribute album??)
 Lenny Kravitz & Stevie Wonder -   Deuce
 Nine Inch Nails       -   Love Gun (can't wait to hear this one)
 Lemonheads            -   Plaster Caster
 Garth Brooks          -   Hard Luck Woman (what else)
 Japan's X             -   Black Diamond, with full orchestra
 Toad The Wet Sprocket -   Rock & Roll All Nite
 Members of G N' R     -   Doctor Love, or King Of The NIghttime World

	 Also there will be some to-be-named tracks from Soundgarden,
 Alice In Chains, and Soul Asylum.  Gene suggests the album might be
 called Kiss My Ass.

	 A similar format album is in the works for Black Sabbath.

Also, last year while in Montreal, I saw an ad/story about a band
called "Wall of Angus". It sounded like a tribute to AC/DC by some
local boys. Never got to see it, but I bet it was fun...

-Jeff "I wanna rock'n'roll all night and..., well, you know..."