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live sloan..

I recently acquired through a friend of mine a live Sloan tape from their
5/12/92 gig at "Le Rendezvous"... if anyone wants a copy they can mail me
a blank tape and a buck or so for postage back (I don't have time to go
shopping for tapes :)) and I'll make them a copy. The setlist is:

Lucky for Me
Don't Race Trust
Median Strip
Take It In
Marcus Said
500 Up
Shame Shame
Pretty Voice

 Now, I have to warn you.. the tape I have is likely a 4th or so
generation copy, so the quality isn't exactly pristine, but you can make
out the songs well enough :)

I know bootlegging is illegal blah blah blah but I'm sure the boys from
Sloan did it when they were nobody's like me.. :)

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