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Julie Doiron & other ET's go solo

"James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca> so informed us:

}>>also in the set was Julie's contribution from the new Eric's
}>>Trip EP. Unfortunately, I missed that...
}Steve asks:
}>EP or LP?  If it WAS from the album, a) rush out and buy it now, and b) it
}>was probably 'Secret For Julie'.  One other possiblity...can someone
}>confirm this for me?  I was talking with Julie a couple of months ago when
}>they came through Ottawa, and she had just got a pressing of a recording
}>that SHE did, it sounded liked it was independent of the band (?)  It
}>would be odd, but is it possible that she has released something??
}probably EP...
}the *Stereo Mountain* EP is a limited edition piece of vinyl 
}that has four songs -- each is a contribution from a different
}member of the band...
}Julie's contribution is called, as i recall, "Five-Year-Old Girlfriend"...

Right you are, James.  In fact, "Stereo Mountain" is the name of Rick's 
basement recording studio, and the 4-song vinyl is called "Julie and the 
Porthole to Dementia"  Songs include the one you mentioned, "Mountain" by 
Rick, "Frame" by Chris, and (I forget, help me out here, Adam) by Mark.  
And yes, it's a limited press (numbered to 300?) and Adam had to get his 
from Julie herself.  Each song is completely solo performed, with help 
from some pretaped but self-performed accompaniment in most cases.

However, Stereo Mountain and Sappy Songs have also released Julie's solo 
project, Broken Girl, on vinyl, Chris has a cassette out called "Moon 
Socket", and Mark has at least one Purple Knight release on Disques NIM 
Records.  I don't know if Rick has a full solo recording or not: I only 
know what my brother, who is trying his best to reign as ET's #1 fan, 
collector and autograph hound, has in his possession.

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