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The latest Sloan File Archives.

File list for SLOANet Archives
[These files are all available by request only.  You ask me
for the file you want, including this directory, and I'll be
happy to send it to you.  The directory will arrive in your acct
sooner than anything else, just because it permanently resides
here.  All other files are archived on my hard drive at home.]
FileName        Description
--------        -----------
SLOANDIR.TXT    This directory, surprise, surprise...
SLOANDSC.TXT    The discography-in-progress of this list's nemesis.
SLOANETG.TXT    Transcription of CBC's "Ear To The Ground" featuring

SLOAN.LYR       A stab in the dark at the lyrics to over 20 Sloan
                songs, including all songs from "Smeared".

ERICTRIP.TXT    CBC's own Brave New Waves gives Eric's Trip the 
                profile treatment.  A transcript from the radio show.
ETDISCOG.TXT    A discography-in-progress for Moncton's Eric's Trip.

JALEBIT.TXT     An article on (who else) jale, from *The Coast*,
                Vol. 1, No. 1.

JALEDISC.TXT    A discography-in-progress for jale. 

JALELYRI.TXT    Lyrics for _Twisted_ and _Lung_ by jale.
                (and _I Lied_, in progress)

070993_1.TXT    Article from *The Coast*, in advance of the big
                Sub Pop show, featuring Eric's Trip, Six Finger
                Sattalite and Pond.

HALIFAX1.TXT    From *The Coast* -- an article by Barry Walsh
                from Cool Blue Halo on "the Halifax scene", with
                some nostalgic looks back to BS (Before Sloan).

GCVUE.TXT       Interview with Greg Clark of The Double Deuce.

FERGUSON.TXT    Interview with Jay Ferguson of Sloan.

And coming soon:

JRC_BNW.TXT     James Covey on Brave New Waves, re: Halifax scenes
  		and SloanNet.

[BTW, if you have any related files that you think other Sloanetters would
like to see or you just want to clutter up my account, generally
making things difficult, drop me a line and we'll talk about putting
it in the archives.]