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Eric's Trip

Where can I get the new 12' from??  Has Cargo got it's hands on it?

Hmm, her's a review of eric's trip that I posted to the indie list
a while back.. SOrry for the double-spacing, but the way I'm getting
this to e-mail makes it a unfortuan inconveinence.

Review Of: _Love Tara_  | Eric's Trip | SubPop


_Love Tara_ is the first full length relase from this Atlantic 

Canada foursome, and their second release for the major US indie

label SubPop.  Eric's Trip released a few indie cassettes on their

own, and one EP _Peter_ on Murderrecords.  After being signed by

SubPop they released another EP _Songs About Chris_ in January

of 1993.  I'll start off this review by saying that I bought this

CD thinking that Eric's Trip was the greatest indie band in Canada

if not the world..  While it might be a bit hasty to judge a band on

two EP's and one single from a subpop compilation (Blue Sky For Julie\

Smother out on Never Mind the Mullosks and the SubPop employee of the

month comp.) Eric's Trip has produced such a plethora of wonderful tunez!

that they win over converts instanly.  Taking their name from a Sonic Youth

tune (D. Nation) Eric's Trip takes all the best out of those indie-rock

gods and reproduces it on their own music.  Wonderufully dissonant guitar

and rampant bass mesh perfectly with the subtle harmonies and melodies 

created by the boy\girl singing combo, allowing Eric's Trip music to 

make a name for itself in the allmighty :) indie-rock scene.


Blech, I can't believe I wrote that last paragraph, you think someone

who wrote that would be an AOR guy writing about Stone Temple Pilots

(See letter about them in lastest Spin for hilarious putdown).  Love

Tara is a work of genius..  What a great fucking CD.. Adjectives fail me,

this cd is so damn good..  The strength of Eric's Trip has always been

the ability to move from beautiful accoustic ballads to all-out dissonance

in the next song, always keeping that four-track atmosphere, and this

CD is a masterwork of that style..  Behind the Garage, Allergic to Love, 

and one other accoustic track are bee-yoo-tiful ravings of indie-p0p

g33ks..  They are surrounded with wonderful slices of the kind of indie-

p0p god must play in heaven.. Imagine the Swirlies harmonies and

Sonin Youth guitar-clatter thrown together with Dylan-esqu folkisms and

you have Love Tara.


This album is too huge for words (As you can probably tell reading my

review :)  )  and is the best thing I've heard since Pyschocandy by

The Jesus and Mary Chain, or _Nowhere_ by Ride..  Awesome, what rock-n-roll

should be.. Best album of the year.




BTW, James not bad on BNW last night... :)

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