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Did you get one(#3 that is)?
Got my Naked In the Marsh 10 inch, haven't listen to it yet.
       N-----I------M   So that's where Disques NIM Records comes from.

It's playing now, Sickness (ET) sounds good! All art work done by Rick.
I've got a wah wah petal, WOW! Chris on drums, Julie on Bass and Rick on
guitar and voice ------> NO MARK - A threesome!!!!!! Purple Knight........
Formed 1974
Broke up 1975
Reunions 1976, 1986, 1987, 1988 
Reformed 1989

I got # 238/500, really cool green vinyl.

Anyway, I gootta go, mom wants phone, I think. If I don't write back I'll 
see you tonight.