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KISSmas party at the Deuce

It was a great show, a little too loud though. It's  3:00am and I want
to sleep. James asked me to post the play list, so here it goes.

Madhat: Detriot Rock City
	Nothing To Losee
	King of the Night time world

Sloan:  Rock Bottom       
	All the way
	Two timer
	Love her all I can
	Let me know (Chris by himself)

Stinkin' Rich (RAP): Detriot Rock City
		     Kiss My Ass (Personal Tribute to Kiss)
		     New York Groove

Thrush Hermit(With full make-up): I want you
				  C'mon and Love Me
				  Sure know something
				  Shock Me

There you have it 19 songs and about 2 hours of music, plus the house music
was also KISS. Everything was KISS, it was great.      

P.S. I waited 1 1/2 years to hear Sloan sing"Love Her All I Can" It was 
worth the wait:)
				Adam R